Arctic treaty on proven success model

Arctic treaty on proven success model can be a reality, the Antarctic treaty is one of the rare success stories in the human history, where human greed and lust for territorial gain and material wealth was put aside in turn to scientific research and understanding.  There are various reports in the media of how the Antarctic treaty was an international success story. It included nations like the United Kingdom, Norway, New Zealand, France, Chile, Australia and Argentina, which also signed the Antarctic Treaty. The US and Russia are two nations that do not acknowledge this treaty. Today, the Antarctic Treaty includes over 50 nations in total. It is hoped that the Arctic treaty on proven success model would achieve similar success, if not more and quicker, it would certainly get to the real human problem in relation to human greed and lust for material gain, by raising the respect level to the natural environment and the life it sustains.

Arctic treaty on proven success model
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How Would It Benefit the Society?

It is being said that it would offer many benefits to the countries included in the list of signatories. It is proposed to share the same spirit of cooperation that was one of the keys to the success of the Antarctic treaty. Like the Antarctic treaty, it would introduce a new level of respect to the natural environment and the life it sustains, and also new levels in the spirit of trust. It would be aimed at fostering scientific as well as a cooperation of the military, reducing and leaving the military out of the Arctic areas that are environment research only areas, peace ruling over war tactics.  Arctic region cooperation among the countries that would take part in the Arctic treaty.

Provisions in the Arctic Treaty

The importance of the Arctic Treaty, with respect to Arctic natural environment, consists of various provisions that include the need to ensure free passage to all areas of the Arctic research regions, the need to safeguard the environment, making search and rescue capabilities stronger and also taking the needs of natives to the area into factor.
The treaty comprises of many suggestions from the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), which has proposed the preservation and safeguarding of the ecological processes in the marine ambiance of the Arctic area. It has also proposed a fair and sustainable use of various marine resources in the area and long-term conservation of the same. These have been included in the treaty.

Arctic treaty on proven success model rational

A major feature of the treaty is its consideration of the present and long-term social and economic benefits of the indigenous native peoples of the Arctic Circle area.

“Achieving a permanent arctic council among a group of nations with widely differing geographic, economic, cultural, and strategic interests will not be a simple task. But we believe it is a goal worth pursuing.

“To move the process along, Prime Minister Marlene will be writing to the heads of government of the seven other nations inviting them to send representatives to Canada later this year. Together, they can begin exploring how such a permanent council might be constructed and what its mandate and responsibilities might be.”

Tom Sodden, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Copenhagen, June 1991

By 1300, the Inuit, present-day Arctic inhabitants and descendants of Thule culture, had settled in west Greenland, and moved into east Greenland over the following century. Over time, the Inuit have migrated throughout the Arctic regions of Canada, Greenland, Russia and the United States.

Fresh water is a vital resource for life

It is also important to remember that the Arctic area consists of a huge volume of fresh water, which is extremely valuable for humanity. Considering the fact that 11% of the global world population don’t have a fresh water source to take care of their everyday needs and sustenance, the Arctic freshwater reserve is highly important. The Arctic treaty should also secure the rich freshwater source of the Arctic in order to manage the unheard-of changes in the natural environment of the Arctic area in the last few years. Considering that many changes taking place are caused by human activities and industries,  the Arctic treaty would position priorities in their respectful place, where there is greed and lust for material wealth then constraints and self-control would rule in the name of the natural environment and respect for the natural harmony that is found in the order of life in the natural environment.  Humans are the culprits that have lost all sense of balance, humans are too often driven by greed and lust for material wealth, and they leave a bloody mess behind.

Arctic treaty on proven success model is a win-win for humanity and environment

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Anarctic treaty on proven success model
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