Ten countries of alternative fuel production

Ten countries of alternative fuel production

Ten countries of alternative fuel production, with the increasing pressure from public regulators and environmental activists,  more and more countries are setting aside crude oil and going for alternative fuels. Read on and find out about the 10 top alternative fuel
countries which are constantly using traditional fuel substitutes and taking
up using other types of renewable energy resources which are comparatively
cleaner and cheaper than diesel or petrol.

Ten countries of alternative fuel production
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The country has made huge investments in solar, biomass, wind power,
hydroelectric and various other sources in the quest for alternative energy.
The “Three Gorges Dam” has been its biggest investment for hydroelectric
power generation.

European Union

Among the 27 country states that make up the EU, Germany sits at the top but
the other countries have also made high investments and taken important
decisions regarding alternative energy.

United States

It has conducted lots of experiments with vehicles and alternative energy
technologies, in its numerous colleges and universities. It has made great
investments in geothermal, wind, hydroelectric, biomass as solar power in
order to move away from reliance on oil from foreign nations.


Changes in energy use have also been reflected in Brazil, which has invested
in sugarcane ethanol and 91% of its cars now use it as a fuel source. The
nation has also experimented with biomass, wind and hydroelectric power.


The Canadian government has invested heavily into hydroelectric power, and
has also made expansions into solar and wind power.


The government of Russia has made significant improvements in the
alternative energy front with its stress on biomass, wind power and
hydroelectricity as viable sources.


In the last few years, India has shown its sincerity with use of renewable
energy and has been extremely successful with its onshore wind energy
generation projects. It has also developed the infrastructure that is
necessary for the development of alternative energy.


Germany has earned an acclaim and has become a model with its
investments in geothermal, solar, biomass, hydroelectric and wind power. It
was voted as the global leader in 2007 in solar PV production and
alternative energy use.


Norway has shown one of the biggest changes in energy production and energy
supply with the development of the largest wind turbine of the world in
2010. 98% of its electrical requirements are met with hydroelectricity, with
biomass taking care of the rest.


The unavailability of enough land has not stopped this inventive country
from taking giant strides with geothermal, solar, wind and hydroelectric

Ten countries of alternative fuel production
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